Taskforce FAQ

Does Taskforce take a commission on completed jobs?

Absolutely not! Taskforce does not, at any stage, request access to your books or require a commission payment of completed jobs.

I am interested in joining the Taskforce Team, how can I do this?

Simply click on ‘Join the Force’ on the Taskforce homepage, fill out your details & our Franchise Development Manager will be in touch shortly.

What happens if somebody I know wants me to do work for them, but it is in another franchisee's territory?

You are allowed to service jobs in another franchisee’s area, ONLY if it is a personal referral, all jobs booked through the Taskforce website & phone system will be guaranteed to the registered franchisee in the territory for first right of refusal.

Who looks after my work when I am sick or away on holidays?

If you are unable to service customers due to illness & do not have staff to cover the work, simply advise Taskforce HQ & our friendly staff will arrange for the next available local franchisee to cover the jobs in your absence.

Do I have to have my own business in order to join Taskforce?

No. The Taskforce franchise system works seamlessly whether you have an existing business, or if you are looking to break the shackles & start your own business. 

Does Taskforce run a buying program for franchisees?

Taskforce has established one of the most extensive buying programs in the market. We have a close working relationship & buying support in place with the top supplier brands in the market.

The Taskforce buying program is not limited to just suppliers directly related to the trades & services industry, over time our program will include suppliers from industries such as electricity & telecommunications, plus many more.

What are the benefits of being a Taskforce franchisee above other franchise groups?

On average, franchise groups charge ~$50-$75k to join their network, with most including a required service fee (charged as a commission of sales per month).

Taskforce has reinvented the franchise model by eliminating costly joining fees, sales commissions & barriers to entering into the franchise network.

Direct benefits include:

  • Access to Taskforce & supply partner technology & infrastructure
  • Supply partner buying program
  • National marketing through various mediums 
  • Vehicle & uniform branding

and many more……. 

What is Taskforce?

Taskforce is a national trade and services franchise group. In 2014 when we launched we started connecting people who need something done, fixed, cleaned or removed with people who can make it happen.  From Accountants to Brick layers to Pool cleaners; Taskforce is One Name, One Number, Any job.

Right now we're asking Australian Trade and Service companies to register their interest and pencil their name against a postcode territory they want to own. Franchise Membership fees are on average $97 per month.

Watch our video for more information

Will Taskforce have a smart phone app?

Yes!  Our smart phone app will allow consumers to book jobs with their local franchisee.  It will have many more functions such as adding the appointment directly into their calendar to reduce the amount of times customers forget you are meant to be there.

Another great feature of the app will be it's ability to remind our customers of tasks they need to have done at certain times of year or on a regular basis.

One example of this would be for a Dog Groomer customer having a regular reminder to book a clean for their pooch.

Another example would be reminders of seasonal things such as having air conditioning serviced or tax time to meet with your accountant.

Do you offer discounts for multiple suburbs?

If you select 3 postcodes, we will apply a 10% discount across all 3 territories.
If you select 6 postcodes, we will apply a 20% discount across all 6 territories.
We will also be offering discounts for franchisees who are interested in paying their membership fee up front for 6 months or 12 months!
For those franchisees who select to pay for 6 months up front the discount level will be 10%.
For those franchisees who select to pay for 12 months up front the discount level will be 20%.
For those people entitled to multiple discounts, for example selecting 3 postcodes and opting to pay 12 months up front, the maximum discount applied will be 25%.