Taskforce FAQ's

Taskforce FAQ's

Does Taskforce take a commission on completed jobs?

Absolutely not! Taskforce does not, at any stage, request access to your books or require a commission payment of completed jobs.

I am interested in joining the Taskforce Team, how can I do this?

Simply click on ‘Join the Force’ on the Taskforce homepage, fill out your details & our Franchise Development Manager will be in touch shortly.

What happens if somebody I know wants me to do work for them, but it is in another franchisee's territory?

You are allowed to service jobs in another franchisee’s area, ONLY if it is a personal referral, all jobs booked through the Taskforce website & phone system will be guaranteed to the registered franchisee in the territory for first right of refusal.

Who looks after my work when I am sick or away on holidays?

If you are unable to service customers due to illness & do not have staff to cover the work, simply advise Taskforce HQ & our friendly staff will arrange for the next available local franchisee to cover the jobs in your absence.

Do I have to have my own business in order to join Taskforce?

No. The Taskforce franchise system works seamlessly whether you have an existing business, or if you are looking to break the shackles & start your own business. 

Does Taskforce run a buying program for franchisees?

Taskforce has established one of the most extensive buying programs in the market. We have a close working relationship & buying support in place with the top supplier brands in the market.

The Taskforce buying program is not limited to just suppliers directly related to the trades & services industry, over time our program will include suppliers from industries such as electricity & telecommunications, plus many more.

What are the benefits of being a Taskforce franchisee above other franchise groups?

On average, franchise groups charge ~$50-$75k to join their network, with most including a required service fee (charged as a commission of sales per month).

Taskforce has reinvented the franchise model by eliminating costly joining fees, sales commissions & barriers to entering into the franchise network.

Direct benefits include:

  • Access to Taskforce & supply partner technology & infrastructure
  • Supply partner buying program
  • National marketing through various mediums 
  • Vehicle & uniform branding

and many more……. 

What is Taskforce?

Taskforce is a national trade and services franchise group. In 2014 when we launched we started connecting people who need something done, fixed, cleaned or removed with people who can make it happen.  From Accountants to Brick layers to Pool cleaners; Taskforce is One Name, One Number, Any job.

Right now we're asking Australian Trade and Service companies to register their interest and pencil their name against a postcode territory they want to own. Franchise Membership fees are on average $97 per month.

Watch our video for more information

Will Taskforce have a smart phone app?

Yes!  Our smart phone app will allow consumers to book jobs with their local franchisee.  It will have many more functions such as adding the appointment directly into their calendar to reduce the amount of times customers forget you are meant to be there.

Another great feature of the app will be it's ability to remind our customers of tasks they need to have done at certain times of year or on a regular basis.

One example of this would be for a Dog Groomer customer having a regular reminder to book a clean for their pooch.

Another example would be reminders of seasonal things such as having air conditioning serviced or tax time to meet with your accountant.

Do you offer discounts for multiple suburbs?

If you select 3 postcodes, we will apply a 10% discount across all 3 territories.
If you select 6 postcodes, we will apply a 20% discount across all 6 territories.
We will also be offering discounts for franchisees who are interested in paying their membership fee up front for 6 months or 12 months!
For those franchisees who select to pay for 6 months up front the discount level will be 10%.
For those franchisees who select to pay for 12 months up front the discount level will be 20%.
For those people entitled to multiple discounts, for example selecting 3 postcodes and opting to pay 12 months up front, the maximum discount applied will be 25%.

Does registering for Taskforce now guarantee me a Franchise?

Yes, from this point you can lock in your trade or service and postcodes by paying the $500 Deposit. This Deposit pays for the costs associated with the preparation and issuing of your Compliance and Disclosure Documents and National Police Check.

Once you pay the deposit you will need to complete the Police Check online before you will receive your legal documents. You will then have a 14 day period to review the documentation before we are able to sign off on your franchise agreement with you.

What is the Taskforce membership fee?

Membership pricing is available by registering your details and logging into our franchisee portal. We use demographical information including household numbers, population numbers, local business/retail opportunities in order to determine the pricing of a postcode. That means that a dog cleaner and an electrician have a different market in every suburb and therefore wouldn't pay the same amount. This is the only fee that you pay to us to be one of our franchisees.

Can I see the Television Commercial yet?

Sure you can. This is the first TV Commercial that we will broadcast once we have fully launched to the public around mid 2014

What if I feel my services cover more than one of the listed trades and services?

We are happy to combine two of the trades and services if you feel you have both covered and you won’t have to pay for it twice provided that they fall under the same catagory. For example, House Cleaner & Window Cleaner, or Carpenter & Handyman.

Why wouldn't I wait a few months to see how things go?

Firstly because you could miss out on the postcodes that suit you best and secondly because there is little risk for any new franchisee.  With zero upfront fee and the ability to leave any time with our no lock in contract there is a lot to gain and not much to lose.

Do you guarantee a certain number of leads?

We are not able to guarantee an amount of leads at this point simply because we don't have that history yet.  One thing that is for sure though is that our advertising campaign will be second to none when it comes to similiar franchises or business in Australia or the world.  Add to this is the street presence that we will have with many franchisee keen to carry the Taskforce colours from day one.

Our aim is to make 13TASK the phone number everyone in Australia thinks of first when they need something done.

One Name, One Number, Any Job.

What is the Taskforce Document and Police check Fee for?

In order to produce all relevant compliance and disclosure documentation for your review, including your franchise agreement, there are costs associated with the production of such documents.

Most franchises/lawyers will charge approximately $1000.00 - $1600.00 for the documentation to be produced. Taskforce is able to manage the process at a reduced price due to the volume of documents we are processing.

The $500.00 fee pays for the cost of producing the required documentation and also a national police check that we require all of our franchisees to obtain at their time of registration.

Firstly you will receive electronic copies that will allow you to seek legal and accounting advise and then after the 14 days, you will receive your bound hard copies for signing.

The fee is refundable should you decide not to proceed, although if you have gone through with the police check is it partially refundable at $460.00  If however, you have waited and received the bound hard copies the full amount is not refunded.

Why are territories determined by postcodes?

We have used postcodes to determine the territories so you the franchisee can build exactly the territory you want to service.  It may be that you want your territory to surround where you live or where you see the greatest opportunity for your business.

Another great reason for doing it by postcode is that it allows us to accurately send leads to the correct franchisee through our phone system and other methods.

Can I do work outside my territory?

Yes you are more than welcome to do work outside the territory that you own in areas that aren't currently owned by another franchisee.  


Will Taskforce give me leads from outside my territory?

Yes Taskforce will give you leads from outside of your Territory from areas that aren't currently owned by other franchisee.

You will have the ability to designate the distance that these leads come from.


What trades and services do you offer?

Automotive Services Taskforce Australia Pty Ltd – ACN 168 109 402   ABN 53 168 109 402

Auto Electrician                                     

Car Detailer                                           

Dent Repairer                                        


Tow Service

Traffic Management

Windscreen Fitter


Building Services Taskforce Australia Pty Ltd  -  ACN  168 110 110 ABN 47 168 110 110

Balustrade Installer                               


Building Inspector                          

Cabinet Maker                                      



Concrete Cutter                                     



Fence Builder

Gate/Roller Door Installer


Mini Skip Hire


Paving Layer




Roofing Installer


Solar Installer

Telecommunications/Cabling Installer


Window Repairer (Home/Office)


Cleaning Services Taskforce Australia Pty Ltd – ACN 168 109 279  ABN  98 168 109 279

Carpet Cleaner                                      

Chimney Cleaner                                    

Dry Cleaner                                           

House Cleaner                                       

Industrial Cleaner


Pool Cleaner

Pressure Cleaner/Graffiti Removal

Window Cleaner


Gardening Services Taskforce Australia Pty Ltd -  ACN  168 109 162  ABN  85 168 109 162


Gutter Cleaner

Lawn Mowing                     


Tree Lopping


Home Services Taskforce Australia Pty Ltd  -  ACN  168 109 546  ABN  72 168 109 546

Antenna Installer                                     

Appliance Repairer                                            

Audio Visual Installer                                         

Blind Installer                                                      

Carpet Layer                                                       

Cooling Installer                                           

Dog Groomer

Fire System Installer

Floor Polisher

Heating Installer

Home Automation Professional

Insulation Installer


Refridgeration Mechanic


Security System Installer



Professional Services Taskforce Australia Pty Ltd  -  ACN  168 109 635  ABN  93 168 109 635

Accountant/Book Keeper                                  


Battery Supplier                                                     

Computer Geek                                                 

Driving Instructor                                                 


Graphic Designer

Hair Dresser

Limo Hire

Party Hire

Personal Trainer

Pest Controller



Test and Tag


Website Builder

Window Tinting

Can I get an information pack?

By registering your details, we will be able to provide you with frequent updates and also our franchisee booklet that will provide more information on the process will work and the benefits of owning your very own Taskforce franchise.

Do you have a physical office?

Yes we do, our office address is 3/151 Barkly Avenue, Burnley 3121 Victoria.

If you would like to make an appointment to come in and meet our team, please contact us on (03) 9428 3303

Is my territory exclusive?

Yes, all of our territories are completely exclusive. Meaning that you will be the only person receiving work from the trade or service you have selected in your area. 


Our franchisees will work to compliment each other and never, ever compete with one another!

I'm interested but what do I do next?

To register your interest head to our registration page by clicking this link! Registration Page

Here you will be able to see your postcode pricing for your selected trade.

If you wish to discuss the benefits that Taskforce can offer please call us on 03 9428 3303 or contact us through the Feedback form here.

Do I pay anything for each lead I receive from Taskforce

No there is no cost per lead here at Taskforce like some other franchises.

When you pay your monthly membership all leads from your territory are directed straight to you for you to handle how you see fit.