Page 1: Register Your Details

By registering your details, this will enable you to begin the application process and log in to the franchisee registration portal.

Page 2: Trade/Service Selection

Here you will select the trades/services that you intend on providing to customers as a franchisee.

Our online registration process only allows you to complete an application online for one Trade/Service.

In the event that you want to select more than one given trade/service, a representative from Taskforce will get in contact with you to finalise that part of the registration portal with you.

Page 3: Price Calculator

Here you will enter the suburb/s or postcode/s you wish service as a franchisee. The monthly subscription fee will then be displayed with any discounts listed should they be applied.

Page 4: Legal Document / Police Check Fee

In order to produce all relevant compliance and disclosure documentation for your review, including your franchise agreement, there are costs associated with the production of such documents.

Most franchises/lawyers will charge approximately $1000.00 - $1600.00 for the documentation to be produced. Taskforce is able to manage the process at a reduced price due to the volume of documents we are processing.

The $500.00 fee pays for the cost of producing the required documentation and also a national police check that we require all of our franchisees to obtain at their time of registration.

Firstly you will receive electronic copies that will allow you to seek legal and accounting advise and then after the 14 days, you will receive your bound hard copies for signing.

The fee is refundable should you decide not to proceed, although if you have gone through with the police check is it partially refunadable at $460.00  If however, you have waited and received the bound hard copies the full amount is not refunded.

Page 5: Police Check and Document Consent Form

Police Checks

As part of the franchisee selection/recruitment process, every applicant must complete a police check before you can continue.

Document Consent

Taskforce Australia's preferred method of providing communication and documentation is via electronic format. In order for us to facilitate this, your consent is required in writing. Here, you will be required to download the form, complete it and return it via email to

Taskforce will then receive notification when this step has been completed and we will then inform you via email that you can proceed to the next step.

Page 6: Business Details for Contract

Here you will provide all the necessary details to populate your Franchise Agreement and associated legal documentation. 

Page 7: Download Documents

Here you will be able to download copies of your franchise agreement, disclosure documentation and several other important documents that form part of the registration process. From the date that you are provided this documentation, there is a 14 day cooling off period where neither party may enter into an agreement or take monies that are non-refundable.

Click below to head to our Registration page to see pricing for your Territory.

Page 8: Payment

This deposit is to prepare and issue all of the final legal documentation to be required by the franchisee under the Franchising Code of Conduct.