Zero Upfront Franchise Fee

Getting started with Taskforce will be easy. There's zero franchise fees - just a monthly franchise membership calculated on the size of your territory and the type of your business. The membership fee varies per month, dependant on the size and numberof potential customers in your selected postcode/s and will go towards national marketing and business technology to help you get even more customers.

Taskforce’s success is based on size, so we want to maximise growth and franchisee satisfaction, thus enabling better economies of scale.

Buying Power

Our aim is to provide every franchisee with supplier savings that far exceed Taskforce’s monthly membership fee.

That is because, as a huge network of tradespeople and service providers, Taskforce will have the power to negotiate better terms with suppliers: from hardware stores to trade-specific suppliers, and even extending to banks and fuel companies.

With reduced overheads, Taskforce franchisees will be able to provide the most competitive quotes, which means winning more business and customer satisfaction.

Nationwide TV, Radio, Print and Social Media Marketing

As a franchise owner, your membership fee will contribute to Taskforce's national advertising budget.

The membership fee is calculated by using your selected postcode's population and employment figures to determine its market value. It is also dependent on which trade or service you will be providing. 

This is the first TV commercial that will go to air when we launch to the public.

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Taskforce franchise owners will be able to choose how large or small their franchise is, using our postcode-based franchise system.

Un-owned suburbs will have calls directed to the Taskforce franchise owner in the closest suburb until they are sold.

Direct Connect Phone System

The 13TASK phone system won't need a call centre. The customer simply dials 13TASK, enters their post code, says the name of the service they want and is directly connected to their local Taskforce Franchisee.

One Name, One Number, Any Job.

Franchisee Requirements

VISABILITY: Taskforce franchisees will benefit from high visibility, so we prefer for all vehicles to carry the Taskforce livery. If that's the case, we will soon be more recognisable than the yellow cabs!

If, however, you are reluctant to make the change straight away, you may continue with your current branding for 6 months before needing to make a decision. However, if another franchisee comes forward who is willing to carry the Taskforce brand you will be given a period of 1 month to convert at least 50% of your vehicles to the Taskforce livery.

Other guidelines, including a code of conduct, are set out in the franchise agreement and operations manual and must also be adhered to. This is standard for any business of this type aiming to achieve a high quality of service.

Yes! You own your own Franchise Area

Even though there is no upfront franchise fee, a Taskforce franchisee owns his or her territory for as long as they continue to pay the membership fee and abide by the Taskforce franchisee guidelines.

That means you will be able to sell your franchise to a suitable purchaser in the future, as long as Taskforce approves the candidate.

No Lock in Contract

Traditionally franchises charge large up front fees and it is hard to walk away from something that you may have taken finance out to buy.

Taskforce is changing this with not only our zero up-front fee but also with the ability to leave Taskforce at anytime.

We believe this proves to our franchisees that we are going to be trying our best to market their business as well as source the best discounts from suppliers so they never want to leave.