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28 September 2015

5 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

When you’re a small business, you don’t always have the resources to carry out large-scale advertising campaigns to find new customers.  Marketing needs to be done intelligently and efficiently. ‘Guerrilla marketing’ refers to marketing methods that use small amounts of resources to achieve a large effect. They need to be smart, interesting and risky. They need to stop people in their tracks and get them to think about your brand and your business.

Let’s look at some simple, effective guerilla marketing tactics below.

Roam the streets.

Getting people out into the world to advertise your business is a great idea. Hire a couple of attractive young people, dress them in bright (or inventive) costumes and give them vouchers to hand out. It’s great to have member of the public engage with your brand at a human level, and if you can think of a really interesting way to present your brand, you can really stick in the minds of the people you meet.

Generate media attention.

This sounds difficult, but local newspapers have to fill out their pages with something and a local business’ event can make for an interesting news story. Host some kind of event of activity and let your local news paper know in advance. If you local area is having a festival, sponsor a competition you know will get lots of attention (a dog racing competition, for example).

Create content

Almost every business has an online presence these days, which means it’s harder to compete for attention online. The simplest way to optimise your search engine results is to put a little effort into generating unique content for your website. Google loves to see new information being put up online and will rank an active website above others.

Turn your building into a billboard

If you run your business out of a building, you may have a blank wall that faces a large amount of traffic. If you do, you essentially have free billboard space. Find a place that does large format printing and develop a catchy advert for people to see as they drive or walked by. Or, even better, set up a simple project to light up your building with an animated advertisement. This will be attention-grabbing and night and will seem professional at a low cost.

Window painting

If you have a windowed store front, get out some paint. Think of an inventive way to decorate your glass windows to make them more interesting and eye catching to people on the street.

Guerrilla marketing is all about taking risks. If you want to catch attention without a huge campaign, you need to do something interesting. Another great way to accessing affordable advertising is to becoming a franchisee of a company like Taskforce. Taskforce had low up front fees, and allows small businesses to take part in big budget advertising. With a tool like this behind you, guerilla marketing can then be used to make your marketing doubly effective and introduce you to a wide range of new customers.