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15 October 2015


Banister & Balustrade styles and designs.

Whether you’re installing a hand rail for a flight of stairs or segmenting a room without obstructing it, balustrades and banisters are the perfect solution. People often choose banisters that are simple and clean so that they’re overlooked. Most people want their banisters to be part of the background and don’t want them to draw attention. This is fine for certain rooms, but you might also want to experiment with your balustrades and explore different styles and the way they compliment different rooms.
Below is a brief overview of some of the different styles of balustrading.


Modern styling is great for minimalistic rooms. This kind of balustrade blends in with the rest of the room and maintains a clean, simple look. Great for light paint colour schemes.


Heavy wooden balustrades give a sense of sophistication, tradition and power. Wonderful for rooms full of dark earth tones.

Simple metal balustrades are perfect for outdoors. They offer a simple flourish of style but are robust against harsh weather.


If you want to do something a little bold, experiment with the concept. Some balustrades are designed to attract attention and compliment the theme of the room. This is great for rooms that are going for a certain style.


Simple wood balustrading is similar to classic styling but is a little more modest. Perfect for small homes and simple décor.


Glass balustrades remind your guests of technology, futurism and success. Great for offices and institutions.

Balustrades should be matched to the rest of the room. What is the overall tone you want and how can you match your banisters to compliment that? Although often overlooked, balustrades and banisters can really add to the sophistication of a room.