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20 November 2015

Find A Reliable Cleaner In Australia.

If you’re looking for a reliable cleaner, it can be tough to find someone you know will do the job well without trying somebody first. You might have had a look around and tried to find someone who already uses a cleaner, but if word of mouth hasn’t worked – what are you going to do?


Online Profiles

Online profiles are good because they often have rating systems that allow customers to leave reviews. You can get a pretty good sense of how well the cleaner has done in the past.

            However, profiles have very low systems in place to avoid fraud or fake reviews. So a five star rating may now always mean as much as it seems to.


Find a Big Company

Large companies that focus only on cleaning can be okay. However, companies that large often focus too much on growth and forget to ensure that their operators are providing a quality service. Often, you’ll receive a much more personal, attentive experience going with someone who owns their own business. You’ll also support someone directly, rather than feeding a larger company.


Find a Trustworthy Trades Network

Taskforce engages franchisees across different trades, including cleaning. Rather than employee a large amount of workers, like a cleaning company would, we look for people who have their own cleaning business or want to start one. These are people who care about the work they do, and make sure that every job is one of their best. A definite way to find a reliable, great cleaner is to go through a network of operators like this.

            This option also has the benefit of making it easier for you to find and hire other operators, like handymen, carpenters and plumbers.


A reliable cleaner that you can count on for scheduled work is worth a lot. Find somebody that you know you are happy to work with before you hire them for an extended cleaning schedule.