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28 June 2015

Five ways Taskforce is revolutionising trades and services

For people working a trade or service, signing up for a franchise has been an option for a long time. Workers in fields from mowing to accounting can set up franchises that utilise a larger brand name and an existing system to generate more work and larger profits. However, the existing franchise space is an outdated and lopsided industry that places too much risk on the franchisee and takes too much of a financial cut from the franchisee’s earnings. Signing up for a popular franchise often means investing six figures of funds, all of which must be paid up front by the franchisee. In addition to those costs, franchisees are expected to hand over a large portion of their weekyl revenue to the franchisor.

Franchisors try to maximize the leverage they have over their franchisees, whilst also expecting franchisees to carry the majority of the risk. It’s an outdated model that represents an industry where big businesses have few competitors. That’s where Taskforce comes in, as a disrupter and a representative of fair deals for small workers. At the heart of the Taskforce philosophy is respect for the freedom of the franchisee as independent business owners. Taskforce represents franchising as it should be; respectful of the businesses it represents.

How exactly does Taskforce change the franchising model?

No up-front investment.

The biggest difference that a prospective franchisee will notice is the absence of up-front investment costs. Most franchisors expect franchisees to contribute large amounts of initial finance. Joining Taskforce requires franchisees to pay an extremely low fee by the month. This model allows franchisees to see very clearly the difference between the cost of the monthly fee and the value that Taskforce generates for their franchisees. This level of transparency and honesty is something that other franchisors don’t offer and it allows franchisees to work with Taskforce with full confidence.

Franchisee independence.

Under old models, franchisors watch over their franchisees and take a percentage of profits. This requires franchisors to be vigilant and to intrude into the franchisee’s accounts and books to ensure they get their full cut of the franchisee’s income. Because Taskforce doesn’t take their fees as a percentage of earnings, franchisees are able to operate with complete independence. Any profit they make belongs entirely to them and no cut is taken by Taskforce as a franchisor.

This allows existing business owners assurance that no amount of their existing or future income will be taken by Taskforce. It also gives people intending to establish a new business under Taskforce the reassurance that all of the income they generate will remain their own.

Making back franchise fees.

One benefit of being a Taskforce franchisee is that you have access to deals with suppliers for below market pricing. This means that the supplies you need to conduct your work are cheaper to buy as a Taskforce franchisee than a regular customer.

The savings that result from buying from suppliers that Taskforce has established relationships with can come close to outweighing the cost of the franchise fees themselves. This depends on the quantity of supplies you purchase for your work, but many franchisees find that their savings cover their costs.

Marketing power.

A small business or single worker doesn’t have the money or expertise to engage in large marketing campaigns. However, joining a national brand like Taskforce allows resources to be pooled together so that Taskforce can implement marketing campaigns on behalf of all franchisees. Taskforce does this by developing national marketing campaigns, in which the entire brand is promoted Australia-wide. Taskforce also assists with local area marketing, delivering flyers and personalised business cards to franchisees to conduct direct marketing in their local area.

Tech systems.

Small business owners don’t have the time or energy to look into new technology systems. However, developing systems that optimize business transactions allows business owners to work as efficiently as possible and focus on working hard at their job. Becoming a Taskforce franchisee includes access to tested, easy-to-use technological systems. This doesn’t mean that franchisees are required to buy large amounts of new hardware; all of the Taskforce systems can be accessed and utilized on a smartphone. Tech systems enhance productivity and remove the problems and difficulties that arise from outdated and difficult business systems.

Becoming a Taskforce franchisee is the best way to move your business forward or to become a new business owner. The franchisee space needs to change and Taskforce is championing a system of franchising that represents and fights for the little guy. Join Taskforce in the franchise revolution.