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02 December 2015

Franchises For Sale

Franchises offer an established business model with a reliable brand. They’re a great way to break into an industry or take the leap to go into business for yourself without the kind of daunting risk that businesses often come with.

            However, a lot of franchise networks compensate for the lessened risk by hitting their franchisees with huge start up fees. This defeats the entire purpose of making a business accessible.


So are there other models out there? There certainly are!


There are newer models that are redefining the franchising model. Or rather, there is one model in particular that overcomes the problems with outdated models.


The Taskforce franchise model


  1. Franchises in all trades and services.

Other franchise models limit the trades and services they choose to operate in. Taskforce has developed a system that is adaptable and can be applied to all trades and services.

            We do specialise in a few core trades; plumbing, handyman work, electrical work, carpentry, gardening and cleaning. These are the areas that we have the greatest spread.

            But Taskforce is also looking to spread its network for professional services like bookkeeping, computer support and everything in between.


  1. Franchisee independence.

Taskforce offers assistance in things like branding, marketing and administration, but leaves your work and you profits entirely to you. Existing franchise models often take a percentage of their franchisee’s revenue. This means they’re constantly down your neck, making sure they’re aware of everything you’re making. With Taskforce, franchisees are trusted and their success is the most important thing.


  1. Low up-front fees.

Most of the major franchises expect franchisees to put up funding in the six figures. That’s a huge investment to work for somebody else. Taskforce requires no more than $4,500 to cover start up costs and a super-low monthly fee per post code.


  1. No lock-in contracts.

If you want to leave Taskforce, you can. There are no contracts that forbid you from leaving and there are no contracts that hit you with a huge financial penalty for opting out. Taskforce believes in keeping franchisees happy by proving that their service is good enough to stay with. This means zero risk for franchisees.


  1. All of the benefits of regular franchises.

As well as these differentiators, Taskforce has all the benefits of other franchise models. It allows franchises to leverage their national brand, it has a full time office of admin staff for the franchisees to make use of, and it uses online strategies to generate job leads.

            The job leads that are generated for franchisees are then passed directly onto the franchisee through their technology systems.


  1. A great starter pack.

All new franchisees receive full vehicle writing, business cards, uniforms and 500 local professional printed local flyers. They also receive professional plus Yellowpages profiles; the best and most effective profiles available.


There’s no reason to stick with the old models of franchising because they don’t really fight for your business. Taskforce, whether you want to start a new business or support your existing one, offers a model that supports you. At Taskforce, we want to see your success and work together to make out network even better and stronger.


To find out more, give us a call on 03 9428 3303.