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17 November 2015

Handyman Business In Australia

Taskforce is looking for handymen across Australia.

We want to expand our network of handymen Australia-wide. Our 100+ network of franchisees is getting larger every day and we want to continue with the growth and make Taskforce Australia’s favourite trades and services network.


Why Work With Taskforce?


Taskforce is a network of trades and service providers across Australia. It follows a model similar to other franchise groups, but with particular strong benefits.

- Low up front fees.

            Competitors often charge six-figure start up fees. Taskforce does away with these, charging a monthly fee instead. We want to champion small business and stick up for the little guy, not control them like our competitors do.  


- National Branding.

            Because of the size of our network, we are able to pool resources and implement national advertising campaigns, from national Foxtel advertising to localised flyer drops. This includes professional Yellowpages accounts.


- Job management.

            Each of our franchisees has access to special software that sends jobs directly to them within their area.


- Supplier benefits.

            The scale of Taskforce allows us to establish relationships with national companies and protect the interests of our franchisees. The combined savings that our partnerships deliver to taskforce franchisees often outweigh the cost of franchisee’s monthly fees.


How Can Taskforce Work With Handymen?


 Taskforce is perfect for handymen, and handymen are perfect for us. We want to be able to serve as much of Australia as possible, for the widest range of work as possible. If you’re a handyman, we will be able to send you jobs of a wide variety, small and large that suit the parameters of your abilities and preference.


Where Do We Need Handymen?

All over Australia! From the major cities to the smallest rural towns, we want you!


This includes (but is not limited to) the capital cities:









We’re Looking to Grow. So if you have a business or want to go into business for yourself, give us a call now on 03 9428 3303 to speak to us for more details.