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06 November 2015

How To Build A Social Media Audience

You’ve decided that social media is right for your business and now you want to build up an audience. How do you go about that? How do you get from nothing to something. The obvious first step is to tell your friends through your existing channels (like Facebook). These are often even hooked up to automatically get your online friends to follow you if you sign in through Facebook. But then what?

Here’s the Golden Secret –
You can get a lot of followers doing three things that don’t relate to the content you post. It’s all about how you engage with other people online.

Follow others –
About one in every 5 people you follow will follow you back. Max out your follow quota. This will be different for each channel, but all of them give you some room to follow a bunch of other people. If you find you can’t follow anymore, try again the next day, when you may be allowed to follow more.

Like other people’s content –
Search for hashtags that are relevant to your business and start liking posts with that hashtag in them. The older the post, the better, because your ‘like’ will be more interesting, and more likely to prompt a response.

Comment –
This takes a lot of time, but if you make your content truly responsive to what someone has posted, they might engage with you. Make sure you ask them questions, which increases their chance of responding. Avoid sounding generic.

Okay, so that’s the easiest way to get an audience. But what about the rest of social media; what about actually posting content yourself? How can you be a content creator? Here are a couple of basic rules to guide you through the process.

Use Hashtags
There have been some studies saying there is a 5-7 sweet spot for the amount of hashtags you should use. A better idea is to just use as many as you think are relevant, however many come to mind.

Use Filters.
They help. People are statistically more likely to engage with a post that has a filter on it (this only applied to Instagram, of course). High contrast filters are the most likely to get people to respond and warm coloured filters are the most likely to get people to like your photo.

Be Persistent.
Post multiple times a day if you can. With the ephemeral nature of social media, it’s easy to get buried in information very quickly. Any post that you make will likely only each a maximum of 20 percent of your total audience.

When in doubt, be honest.
Don’t overthink it. Don’t try to guess which breed of cat people will laugh at most. If you’re not sure what to post, photograph something interesting your doing and say what you’re actually thinking. People will respond well to honesty.