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07 October 2015

How To Do SEO Simple

These days, people use Google for everything. Whether it’s finding a local hairdresser or finding something to pass the time, Google is the first step for most online consumers. So it makes sense for your business to find a way to play by Google’s rules. That’s SEO; Search Engine Optimisation. SEO helps you find a way to tailor your business to Google’s algorithms so you find yourself high on the list of responses when people search for phrases relevant to your work.

The good news is that Google wants to help. They spend money, effort an energy making their search engine the most usable and effective available. So if you really are the best option for the searcher, Google wants to find you.

The bad news is, if you want to supercharge your SEO, maybe steal some traffic from your competitors, Google will try to stop you. Google penalizes people who try to cheat their system in order to get more search engine traffic (this is called using black hat SEO methods). It’s hard to out smart Google.

The best option when it comes to SEO is simple:

Make your site really good.

More specifically, make a site that solves people’s problems. People go online because they have some kind of need. If they can satisfy that need with your website, Google will notice this and preference you when it’s giving search results. So the best option is just to do your thing as well as you can. Make your website look good, feel good and make it easy to use.

But what if you just want to stack the odds in your favour? There are some things you can do to keep Google happy. Google wants to see certain things from websites. If a website fits what Google likes, it becomes more likely to show in search results.

So how do we stack the odds in our favour? How do we try to tilt the machine so we can put our website in the number one position in the search results.

Make Content.

Unique content is all over the internet, it’s the basic building block; the currency of the internet. If you can write a new article, you’ve created some kind of value. The more people enjoy it and want to share it, the more valuable it is. Google’s algorithms are designed to judge how valuable your content is. But any content is better than no content. Google will give you a boost just by knowing that you’ve contributed unique content.

Be Fresh.

What’s better than unique content? New content. If something has been made recently, Google assumes that it’s more relevant to people currently using the internet. The best way to maintain relevance is to continually upload new content.

Be Local.

If you’re stationed in a single area, talk about that area. Those keywords will be used to funnel searchers towards you who are in your area. Google developed a specific ‘pigeon algorithm’ to help searchers find solutions that are close to them.

Get People To Talk About You.

If you can generate other people’s interest online, Google assumes you’re worth looking at. Ask friends who have websites to put up a link to your website. These are ‘backlinks’ and are one of the key metrics that Google uses to judge how important a website is.

These basic tips cover some of the most simple things you can do to optimise your website. If you follow each of these tips, you should be able to get your website to the top of the search results. If you want to rank high for different keywords, you can restructure your strategy for different keywords. SEO is all about being dynamic and consistent, and when done well, it can give you a boost that will make a real different.