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03 December 2015

How To Market Your Small Business With No Budget

Business can’t always afford to put money behind their advertising and marketing. You’re probably worried about more other things – revenue included – to launch an entire campaign. That can be costly and doesn’t always guarantee results.

            But there are ways to get your brand and your business out there without spending too much money. All it takes is a little ingenuity.


Let’s have a look at some no budget methods of getting your business more work.


Word of mouth.

You might have heard it a hundred times, but that’s just proof that it works. People talk about positive experiences. They go to each other when they’re looking to hire someone for a job. If you can leave every single customers satisfied and impressed, you’ve just created a walking advertisement for your company. People trust their friends more than any one, so good impressions are worth a lot!


 Give out your details.

You don’t even need to print business cards (we did say this would be a zero  budgets guide), you can just write your details down. Even better, exchange your contact details so that you can get in touch with them later too.



Everyone you meet knows hundreds of people. Expand your network as much as possible. This will help you get things done when you need help but it can also introduce your to knew customers.


Call people.

If you have their details there, and you really want to speak to them; do it. As long as you’re genuine and friendly, a call will keep you in their minds and get them closer to being another customer.


Give a little gift.

After a big job, it can be a good idea to leave a little gift – maybe a bottle of wine or just a simple, hand written note of thanks (which doesn’t cost as much as the wine). It really helps to add this personal touch and strengthen the connection between you and your customers.


Social media.

Social media! That thing that everyone thinks is so great and so effective when it comes to reaching an audience. Social media can help you out, but really only if you have a highly interesting or highly visual profession. If you work in a trade or service, investing time in social media is not always worth.


You can also get other people to take care of your marketing for you by joining a network like Taskforce, which does the marketing on your behalf. While it’s not zero-budget, it allows you to focus on doing the things you love while they take care of your marketing.