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04 December 2015

How To Start A Gardening Business in Australia

Starting your own business is a great, exciting thing to do. For a lot of people, it’s surprisingly achievable. There are networks and systems out there to help you make the leap. But you need to make sure you have a careful, coherent plan to get your business to a position of stability.


Why Start A Business?

It might seem obvious to you, but this is actually a very important question to answer. Why do you want to start a business? These reasons are important. Remember them so that you know what’s important and what you’re aiming to do.

            You obviously enjoy gardening. Maybe you love the outdoors. Maybe you love making other peoples homes look great and healthy. Whatever the reason is, make sure that it’s clear to you. They will form the basis of how you conduct your business.


Let’s look at a couple of things to focus on and some of the stepping-stones that will get you to having your own business.



Start small

You don’t have to go in with a big bang and set up a headquarters in New York. Start small. Do it as a hobby, or work for someone else. Get a sense for how it’s going. Learn about the job and how to do it best.

            All of these things are transferable to running a full business. But you need to learn them first. If you have employees one day, you also need to understand what that’s like.

            Starting small also reduces risk. If you take out a huge loan for equipment, you risk losing a lot of money. Starting small gives you confidence that your business can gain momentum and get larger.



Here is one of the biggest, most important parts of running a successful business. Learn. This is an ongoing process that you should be doing all the time, throughout the entire life of your business. If something is going wrong, try to pick it out. Find out what the problem is. Overcome the problem. The more you go through and the more experience you have, the better your work will be.



Build Up

Build up gradually. If you can, put in some work on weekends to start with. Try to meet and network with people who an help you out. In this way, you can build a network of clients that will follow you when you start an entire business.


Take the leap

At some point, you’ll need to pull the trigger and go over to being entirely your own business. This can be scary, but if you’ve prepared and you know you have clients, it should go okay. Of course, there are still risks involved, but there are options too.

            Do It Alone

            For some people, complete autonomy is part of the thrill. People are proud of running a business that they created without any help. However, it can be much more difficult to succeed without any kind of help or assistance.

            Join A Network –

            Networks like Taskforce offer a great way to start your own business with the help of an existing network. We offer marketing support, branding support and job leads. We’re also able to give direct advice to our franchisees. When you’re navigating through the work of new business, that’s worth an enormous amount.


Always remember why you’re doing it. If you love gardening, you need to make sure that running a business doesn’t overwhelm you and let you forget that. Becoming part of a network like Taskforce takes care of all of the difficult, dry, boring decisions and let’s you focus on the things you love doing. All while running your own business.