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09 October 2015

Plumber Logos

When you decide to go out and start your own business, there are a number of different aspects that need to go right for you to be successful. Some will be boring administrative chores, others will be more enjoyable, like working on how you want your company to appear to other people.

Appearance is important. How people perceive your business will have a huge impact on what they expect of you, and a client’s expectations guide their behaviour. If you seem unprofessional, clients will steer away from you. If you manage to make a really great impression, you may be able to pull new clients away from competitors.

A good visual identity also helps you stick in the mind of clients you work with so they are more likely to remember and come back to you in the future.
So what creates a good visual identity and how can you develop a logo that will help your plumbing business develop and build momentum? Let’s take a look.

Clear Concept

A good logo is simple to understand and conveys certain aspects and traits about the company that you want to client to know about. If you consider yourself rough but hardworking, this can be utilised with a good logo. Particularly for trades and services, a logo needs to make the consumer understand immediately what work you do.


Logos need to be simple. A simple logo is not the same as a cheap logo, though many people are afraid it is. It’s important to find a balance between looking professional and overdoing it with too many visual elements.

Does it need to be eye catching?

This is an interesting question. Most people assume that a logo does need to be eye-catching, but often the simpler logo are the ones that are most effective. A logo is not a billboard, it doesn’t serve the purpose of attracting attention that would otherwise have overlooked it. Logos are visual shortcuts to your business in the mind of your consumer. You should be looking to build up their effect on consumer through experiences with you and your business. Think of logos less as billboards and more as business cards.

Should it have hidden depth?

A lot of people like to have hidden messages and double interpretations in their visual logos. This can be interesting, and can reward consumers for paying attention to your brand. It can also make your logo a little more memorable. Below is a simple example of a man with a plunger.

Your visual identity is important and it’s worth spending some time getting it right. You need to have a logo that you’re proud of, that works well to get your clients remembering you and coming back to you.