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18 November 2015

Social Media Marketing for Trades and Services

The word is that social media marketing is important for all small businesses. You’ve probably been told that if you aren’t in the game, you’re going to miss out on big opportunities for new business.

Is it true?

Not exactly. Let’s quickly look at the pros and cons of engaging in social media marketing.


Pro - Social media can be a good way of keeping you in the mind of your customers so that next time they need a solution they come to your brand. This is social media marketing’s biggest strength; engagement. The more somebody interacts with your brand online, the more likely they are to take that engagement into real life.


Con – Social media isn’t easy. We think it is because we’re told that it’s a leisure activity. But when you think about it, those 14-year-old girls who use social media every couple of minutes are experts. What they do isn’t simple, it’s very, very difficult and it has taken them hours and hours to master it. Even then, they’ve only learnt how to excel socially (if they have) and most of them know nothing about how to adapt and attract attention for business.
Even with expertise, working social media effectively requires a time investment that most people don’t have.


So Should Tradespeople Do Social Media Marketing?

The best way to find the answer is to give it a try and see if it works out. Most likely, you’ll find that social media marketing exhausts you and gives you a surprisingly small return for your effort and time. However, if you manage to incorporate social media into a daily routine, you may be able to connect with your audience a little better.


Think of social media as somebody’s train of thought? Are you creating something that deserve to participate in that?

How To Do Social Media Marketing For Trades.


Know your audience. Know what they like.

People engage online as a form of entertainment and communications. You need to do both of these things; communicate ideas and entertain. Don’t post something if it doesn’t make sense. Don’t post something if it’s not great content.
The best rule of thumb is ‘would I like this?’ However, you also need to understand who your customers are. They are the people you want to engage with online. Make sure your content is relevant to them.


Post regularly.

A lot of interesting behavioural quirks have been made visibly through quantitative studies (people use facebook most during the work day/high resolution instagram images get the highest engagement).

One of the most important insights is that the best way to keep followers and to grow bigger is to be consistent. People seem to like knowing what they can get from you. Make sure that your content comes regularly. This also helps stick you in their mind and remind them of your brand.



If someone asks a question, answer it. Getting someone to have an exchange with you is extremely important because it raises the chance that they will interact with you through your business and generate a sale.


You need to make you followers feel like they’re getting something for free.


Create value.

A nice picture of a waterfall is useless. You need to put something into your channels that offers value to your users. This can be in the form of humour, knowledge, mental stimulation and a number of other things. It needs to almost feel like something you should be paying for, but are getting for free. If you can satisfy that criteria, you will have a successful social media feed.


More often than not, social media marketing will tire you out before you see any concrete return of investment. However, if you’re able to put a concerted, daily effort into your social media marketing, you may be able to broaden your position in the mind of your consumers and make them more likely to become reliable regulars.