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01 February 2014

Taskforce supports local businesses servicing local customers

All Together Better

Taskforce is not your typical franchise model. We don't penalise franchisees for success, and we certainly won't throttle business growth by getting lazy with marketing.

Taskforce is the future of franchising

When you join Taskforce as a franchisee, you register to receive calls from customers in your local area and pay a monthly membership fee for that. On average, monthly membership fees will cost just $97.00.

We calculate membership rates based on the number of businesses or people living in that area, and the type of trade or service you offer.

Taskforce franchisees retain ownership of their business, continuing to operate as they always have, delivering great service and great prices for local customers. Taskforce simply helps them gain more customers from their local territory and reduce their overheads through supplier deals.

Taskforce is innovative

Our business technology will be world class: providing all franchisees with mobile business tools, supplier discounts and national marketing on TV, radio, in newspapers, outdoor signage, online through search and social media and on the road with Taskforce branded vehicles covering 1000's of miles every day across the country.

Franchisees have the option to immediately cover one or more of their vehicles with Taskforce branding or test our systems first. We have made things easier for franchisees who already have a white vehicle by having a second livery that will fit most vehicles.

We believe All Together is Better, that collectively we can build a franchise network that empowers business owners to grow, reduces their costs and increases profit margins.

This is what Taskforce is about. We hope you'll join us

If you haven't registered your interest already, please see the registration form on the home page. There's no obligation, and no payment required. Just fill out the form with your name and contact details, the trade or service you offer and the postcodes you're interested in subscribing to.