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20 September 2014

Taskforce is Born

Have you spotted one of Taskforce’s newly stickered vehicles in your suburb yet?

No? Well keep your eyes peeled. It won’t take long after nearly 70 vans left today’s official Victorian launch in the corporate blue and yellow.

In other words: TASKFORCE IS GO!

Today Victorian franchisees attended Taskforce’s inaugural induction day and founder Jason Bright says he was ecstatic at the reception. “The turnout was sensational and the commitment from these businesses to my concept is humbling,” he said. “People have put a lot of trust in Taskforce and I think the support we are already getting from suppliers validates that. This model is going to work for everyone and that’s what makes it a winner.”

Among suppliers to get behind Taskforce so far are Bunnings, MYOB, Lockwood, Lawrence and Hanson, Tradelink, NFIB and Job Management Software supplier GeoOp all of which were all in attendance at today’s launch with presentations and special offers.

“MYOB are delighted to partner with Taskforce in the launch of its exciting new approach to franchises, which we believe will allow many Australians to realise their ambitions to start their own business,” said MYOB General Manager, Business Division, James Scollay.

“It is a rare and inspiring day in Australian business when a company can launch with so many businesses from day-one.”

Bright agrees and says today saw the realisation of a dream. “I have been waiting for 16 years to see the first Taskforce van on the street and it was a sweet sight today with more than 70 from the start,” he said. “That’s got to be some kind of record for a start-up business hasn’t it?"

“But seriously, I need to take this opportunity to thank all the people that have got on board from the start. You can rest assured we will be working hard on your behalf to get Taskforce up to speed as quickly as possible.”

In addition to the phone system, Taskforce vans, supplier offers and phone system launch, today also saw the unveiling of Taskforce’s consumer website, where customers can also book jobs. It will shortly be followed by a supporting app as well as induction days across Australia.

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