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10 November 2015

The Best Blogs For Entrepreneurs

Online is a great place for the exchange of ideas and entrepreneurs are more interested in new ideas than anybody else. But finding a reliable place online for good entrepreneurial content can be difficult, given that blogs and websites are often put up simply for the SEO benefit.
Below is a list of blogs where you can find some really great content about entrepreneurship and startups.

Entreprenurial blogs are often written to help out with the Search Engine Optimisation of the website their hosted on. That makes it feel a little heartless, as though the articles aren’t really meant to be read. But the people who write them are passionate; they care about what they’re saying and they’re insentivised to make it interesting and engaging. The Copyblogger crew are good at what they do. They’re really good at it. So their blog posts are always great to read and highly beneficial.

If you’re in the entrepreneur space, you’ve probably noticed the culture that gets supported through the community. You can be whacky, or strange, even a little quite, but if you aren’t willing to learn and willing to push boundaries, you aren’t go to fit into the entrepreneur community. Thinkentrepreneuship seems to love that energetic aspect of their culture, and they have a bunch of motivational and interesting articles.

Startupsavant covers all of the regular stuff; networking, strategy, entrepreneur app reviews. It’s a nice place to go for some basic startup articles.

Entrepreneuronfire is great if you like consuming your information as podcast. Interesting, insightful conversations that are definitely worth the download.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur is great; it mixes travel & adventure with investigative writing. Some really great, valuable posts here, as well as weekly podcasts with in depth interviews with other entrepreneurs.

Nextshark is the best-looking entry on this list. It actually feels like you’re reading a professional magazine, rather than a thrown-together wordpress blog. All of their content feels new and fresh and makes for a wonderful read.

The benefit of an online presence has brought a whole messy bunch of entrepreneurs coming online to talk about what they’re doing and share their knowledge. This article will help you sort out the useless from the invaluable and find the information that will actually deliver you the good stuff.