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07 December 2015

The Psychology of the Successful

Maybe one of the most important things that all successful people have in common is that they’re unique: they look at the world different and they do things in their own way. For that reason, they can be pretty difficult to profile. But successful people do have a lot in common. There are certain traits that will help you through running a business, making the leap and starting a business, or whatever it is that you choose to do.  


They see failure as achievement –

Here’s the biggest and most important factor. Successful people think of failure as progress. Every time you fail to make something happen, you come one step closer to finding out the right way to get where you want. Failure means you’re moving forward, trying new things. Failure is a sign that you’re moving, and that’s good.  


They don’t defend themselves –

This sounds a little strange. Maybe if you word it differently, it makes a little more sense: they own their goals. A lot of people try to hide what they want to do so that if they fail, nobody will know. Successful people don’t do this; they let other people know what they want. They celebrate it. If they fail, they let people know and they move on. If they win, they celebrate. Don’t be defensive; admit to yourself and to other people what it is you’re trying to do.


They choose the right opportunity –

If you look around long enough, opportunities will arise. Successful people know which they should spend their time and energy on. They choose one, and they forget about they others until that opportunity has finished. Either they win, or they lose, but they focus completely on the one goal that they think is most important to them and they see it through.


They schedule relaxation –

The reason we’re able to spend so much time procrastinating is that we don’t schedule our relaxation time as much as we schedule the time we spend working. We leave it open ended, and when we do that; we end up spending a lot more time than we should on time wasting activities. Plan ahead; know how much time you’re giving yourself to rest and relax.


They’re always moving –

They’re always doing something productive. For successful people, work is not a huge effort; it’s part of the their daily habit. Idling is working. This sometimes means it’s difficult to switch off. A lot of the time, people find ways to make their leisure useful and constructive.


They’re consistent –

This is also one of the most important on the list. Consistency. Working really hard one week, then not at all another week doesn’t help. You need to work towards a goal every day. Even if it’s a small amount of progress, if you do it consistently, it will amount to something.


Success is all about being disciplined and being productive. Keep your eyes forward and your head down. Work hard, and love what you do.


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