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04 September 2015

The Simplest Way To Do Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses.

Everybody assumes the social media marketing is right for all businesses. It’s the hot topic, assumed to be all-powerful because it’s everywhere. People are social media throughout the day, and it’s sensible to consider how that attention can be used. But it’s also important to understand that social media marketing is limited. The online environment is often one of advertising aversion; people want to get away from any kind of online marketing.


People have developed a very keen sense for the tone that advertisers take online. They can smell a sale from a mile away (or a million pixels away) and they don’t like it. Effective online marketing is usually very subtle, covert and extremely well made. Because of this, amateur online marketing is very difficult, and often comes off heavy-handed.


Online marketing fails very often because of one assumption:

People online are ready to listen.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the online environment. A better way to look at the online environment is:

People are looking for a reason to stop listening.

The moment you say or do something, anything, that the user does like, they’ll move on. Online advertising is nothing like traditional televisions advertising, despite the fact they’re both designed for screens.


But both of these statements are based on a bad assumption. They assume that the online space is about messages being sent to users, but this is increasingly not what the online space is about. Users online expect conversations. The most effective way to engage a user is to speak to them, provide an experience that is interaction and adapts to their responses.


Sound like a lot of work, right? It doesn’t have to be. Here’s the secret:

Stop being a business, start being a person.

When you’re trying to promote yourself online, act like a person. Be yourself. It’s okay to have an account for your business, but that is where the business persona has to stop. Interact with people the way you would interact on a personal profile; comment, give opinions, send private messages. Be a friend.


This will give you a much higher return of investment. It will also require less effort and planning. Allow your social media to be a connection between you and each of your customers, not all of them at once. This is the secret to good, simple use of social media for generating business.