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11 September 2015

The Single Most Important & Effective Marketing Tool.

People often imagine ‘marketing’ as running enormous televisions ads that reach out to millions of people. This kind of marketing is most suited to large brands that have the money and resources to run large campaigns. If you’re a sole trader or have a very small group of workers, it’s still possible to engage in highly effective marketing without the scale. In fact, your smallness can be a big positive that you can leverage to ensure that your customer base slowly grows and that your existing clients remain normal.


There’s one tool that you have access to that will get you as much return of effort as any kind of larger marketing tools, and it requires to financial investment.


What is it? Word of mouth.


Nothing is more likely to generate new business than a customer with a positive attitude to you and your work. Marketing on the small scale is about impressing your existing customers as much as possible so that they will spread the good word and bring you in new business.


With each positive impression you leave, you reach a wider audience through positive word of mouth. A day of good, solid work that leaves your customer happy is not just your work, but also your messages. Every time you satisfy a customer, you grab the attention of their friends and acquaintances. You also solidify your position in their mind as an option that’s worth recalling when they next need a job done.


Negative vs. Positive Word of Mouth.

Of course, the inverse is also possible. If you do a terrible job, you’ll become lodged in the customer’s mind as a bad option. This prevents them from returning as a customer, but also prompts them to discourage their friends and acquaintances from taking their business to you.

The catch is that negative word of mouth is much easier to cause, and spreads much faster & further. Putting energy into generating positive word of mouth has the double effect of pushing your business forward and preventing any negative associations being tied to your brand.


How to Generate Positive Word Of Mouth.

A positive experience is relative. To make a customer feel that you went above and beyond regular services, you need to do things that other people in your business aren’t doing. Do your job competently, but also focus on a few small token gestures to make your customer feel that you’ve put in extra effort just for them. This can be as small as leaving a key chain or hand written note. Anything that will make your customer feel warm, positive emotions that they can connect to you.


Word of mouth should be the main focus of sole traders when it comes to marketing. From there, once you’ve established a happy and loyal customer base, more conventional methods of marketing, including advertising, can be used to boost your customer base and bring in more business. Joined a franchise like Taskforce is a great way of achieving this. Give them a call on 13TASK.