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28 January 2014

Think National: Act Local

How far do you and your staff drive each day to and from, or between jobs?

Do you travel across town, across postcodes, or even interstate to get to your customers?

All that mileage is costing you in fuel, vehicle wear and tear, parking fees and road taxes - and let's not forget about the unproductive staff time.

As the franchisee for your selected postcode or postcodes, all calls coming from people living and working in your area will automatically be sent to you. That reduces travel time and overheads, by increasing productivity and billable hours.

All together, we're better. The more franchisees carrying the Taskforce branding on their vehicles, talking about it online and at the pub the better our brand awareness will be. This means that 13TASK will be the number front of mind when someone needs a trade or service.

Awareness and reputation is everything. We'll have brand standards to ensure that all vehicle signage is consistent and we'll have service expectations too: because one franchisee delivering poor service, lets the whole side down.

On a national level, joining a national franchise group that runs national advertising and has the scale to develop massive supplier discounts will help you to generate more local business, closer to home, closer to your office.

Surely that's good for business. We think so.