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13 October 2015

Types of Fences

Choosing the right fence is all about deciding what your fence needs to do. The right fence fits within your budget, matches your needs and looks good. Most of us assume that fences are pretty much all alike, but there is some variety from which you can choose the most appropriate fence for you. Let’s have a look at some of the different options below.

Wooden Fencing

Wooden fencing is the staple of the fencing world. Wood fences range from white picket fences to simple wood farm fences. They’re reliable, sturdy, cheap and can be repaired relatively easy. They can also be painted and look great. One of their biggest strengths is their adaptability; you can install a low picket fence or a tall wood fence built for privacy.

Wire Fencing

Simple wire fences are super cheap and are usually used for gardens and crops. They are often adorned with barbed wire or electrical wiring to keep things in (or out) without investing in a big, sturdy fence. Wire fences are the cheapest, fastest option.

Chainlink Fencing

Chainlink fencing is cheap, effective and ugly. For this reason, it’s often the choice of utilitarian establishments like government organisations. You can often spot chainlink fencing around large parks or industrial areas. They are often couple with electrified wiring to deter trespassers.

Metal Fencing

Metal fencing also comes in a wide range of styles and kinds. Aluminium fences use large sheets of metal, which makes them completely closed. They can be painted to match a certain style and are naturally quite robust. Because they have no gaps, however, they often cause a lot of noise in heavy winds.

Wrought iron fencing is very different; it utilizes thin bars of wrought iron, twisted into elaborate designs to compliment a property. Although this style looks good, it is a relatively unobtrusive fence that does little to deter intruders.

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing looks great and is perfect for small, sheltered areas like backyard gardens. Bamboo fencing is a nice way of closing off a small area for privacy without putting up a big or expensive fence.

Choosing the right fence is about looking through the different options and deciding which makes the most sense for your property and your needs. Have a look through or talk to a professional to decide what’s right for you.