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02 December 2013

Welcome to Taskforce Australia

This week we're launching a brand new initiative to revolutionise the way that trades and services businesses can join forces and collectively grow under a national, united brand.

Taskforce Australia is a national trades and services franchise group and is solving a common problem: that there should be one number to call wherever you are - One Name, One Number, Any Job.

Getting started with Taskforce will be easy. There's NO franchise fees, just a monthly membership fee calculated on the size of your territory and the type of your business. On average, this will be around $97 per month and will go towards national marketing and business technology to help you get even more customers.

If you are working in, or are the owner of a trade or services company in Australia, register today to pencil your name against the postcode or postcodes that you want to own.

Similarly, if you're looking to start a new trade or services business in 2014 register now!

Register NOW!