Pricing Calculation


Postcodes determine the boundaries of each territory, which will enable you to easily choose the area you want when you register.

Postcodes are also convenient for the customer, who will be able to accurately identify which area the job is in. 

You will have the option of accepting jobs from neighbouring territories that have not yet been claimed to ensure good coverage for customers and maximum business leads for you as we get up to speed.

There are 3 factors that go into pricing your area:


We set a price for each population head, ensuring consistency across large and small territories.

Commercial versus domestic

If your business only works domestically, for example a dog groomer, you will only pay for the domestic population. If your business works both domestically and commercially, however, both will be included in the calculation of your price.

Trade / Service

We have researched average earnings for each trade  and used them to adjust the final price of each territory. This ensures the cost is proportionate to the gain you get from signing up for TASKFORCE no matter which trade or service you represent. 

Above all we aim to be fair and consistent to our franchisees.